Last Updated on August 1st, 2020
Zamoran's Design Model/Talent Agreement

Listed below are some of the rules, terms, and next steps for getting fully integrated with us. Please read through this agreement carefully so we can kick-start our partnership on a bright, clear, and concise note!

Once you have signed this contract and agreed to our policies we will start generating traffic to your profile with us. If a client likes you and wants to use you then you will start getting paid for your services!

First off, this is not an employer-employee relationship. You will get paid based on the services you provide on an hourly basis as an independent contractor being hired for each session individually. You will get a 1099 tax form from us if you made more than $600 in any given tax year, NOT a W2. Please speak with your tax accountant for further information on this.

After our initial audition session, our arrangement is that you'll be paid $50 per hour to start. This can be negotiated as our working relationship continues. We pay you for your time and not the number of commercials you record.

If you decide to partner with us and bring a client to us for a project this changes the whole game in terms of money offered to you. Every time you bring work to us, my offer is 40% commission for you of the total net profit for the project. This option gets you paid far better but involves a little more work on your end. There is an exclusivity non-compete agreement as well, that will have to apply for both of us. If we get a new client from you, you and I will have to wait a period of 1 year after termination of the contract if we want to have a separate deal with them.

Please note that currently, we are not booking through any agents, management companies, or casting directors. We are booking models and talent on our own, so please make sure if you have any arrangements or contracts with an agency or manager that they are ok with you booking work with us directly. 

You are also agreeing that we have the right to use your images, video footage, and name in all forms and media including composite or modified representations for all purposes, including advertising, trade, or any commercial purpose throughout the world and in perpetuity. You are waiving the right to inspect or approve versions of your image used for publication or the written copy that may be used in connection with the images.

We don't ask you to memorize anything or put you under pressure. Upon arrival in full makeup and hair, you get the opportunity to go over the script (if it has not been sent ahead of time), (and you have the right to reject a script or commercial you are not comfortable doing), and then we proceed to record by having you read from a teleprompter or model/demonstrate a product or clothing.

We believe we can achieve outstanding work when the sessions are completed efficiently. And the good news is that the more videos you make with us, the more opportunities you will get from us!

Our Rules are Simple:

Rule 1 
We want you to be in the right state of mind so you can give 100% during each session, so please show up completely sober and in the right state of mind (free from drugs and alcohol that could impinge on your performance). We promise to give 100% on our end too.

Rule 2
Please do your best to show up with a positive attitude, good energy, and focus each time you come in, and we will do the same. We love it when you commit fully to each project.

Rule 3
Cellphones are allowed, but distractions during the session are prohibited. We want your maximum concentration while you are here. Please limit the time you spend on your phone while the session is going on.

Rule 4
No guests. Please leave your boyfriend/girlfriend/bff at home. Though we absolutely love and welcome the support, and we want you to feel comfortable, we have found that guests cause too much of a distraction or disturbance, and we can't be held liable or responsible for them. You can have them wait in the car until your session is over if you'd like.

As you can see, our rules are simple and straightforward! We believe we can succeed as a video production team when we all follow rules and regulations diligently!

Studio Address:
Village at Beardslee-bldg1
‪19115 112th Ave NE Bothell WA 98011‬

Once this contract is signed, you will be entered into our payroll. We are a well-structured business and our payments go out on the 16th and the 1st of each month. We make a deposit to your bank account on the 16th of each month for the work done between the 16th to the last day of the month prior. On the 1st of each month, you get paid for the work done from the prior month between the 1st and 15th.

At the end of each session, we sign and agree on the hours you have worked that day and you will get a receipt at the end of each session.

We believe this collaboration will benefit us both and create great results! 

Please sign this agreement to let us know you are happy to be apart of our team, you agree to all the rules and all the terms. 

Thank you again for your interest in working with Zamoran's Design. We look forward to building a strong working relationship with you!
~Angel Zamoranos
Founder and owner
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